Different ways of supporting Westside

Giving Options


There are many different ways to support our church and its community outreach.

Our Collection Plate

At Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, we take a collection during both services. We donate 100% of the money raised from both collections to local charities, so that our collection plate serves the community. As with many faith traditions, giving to charity is a core aspect of, and in keeping with, our UU values. However, members and visitors may also choose to designate their offering for the church by putting it inside the envelopes provided.


Stewardship is how members and friends provide ongoing support for Westside. Members pledge financial support for our church annually, via a stewardship campaign. Members may also make one-time donations for causes, projects, and other needs that the church supports.

Every Westside member is asked to give what they can—their time, talent, and/or treasure -- to support our church’s operation and programs. This year, the theme of our annual campaign is  “Nourishing Our Garden.” 

Endowment Fund

Members can support the long-term health of the church by contributing to our Endowment Fund. The investment and distribution of the fund is guided by our Endowment Investment and Distribution Policy. Donations can be made to one of three funds, all of which require congregational approval for disbursement:

  • Perpetual Fund -Fund principal is held in perpetuity.
  • Building Fund - Distributions from this fund must be used for land or building-related purposes only. 
  • Flexible Fund - Distributions from this fund may be used for a variety of purposes.

Different ways to Give


Give online using our secure form.  You can donate as part of your pledge, to our endowment fund, a one time gift or even to our plate offering that goes to a local charity.

Donation Form

Fill out a donation form and provide it with your donation to either the Financial Secretary, place in the Treasurer’s Inbox at the church or mail to Westside Unitarian Universalist Church